The Exeter Republican Committee was formed in 2012 to contribute to the Republican platform, support political candidates, and to unite the conservative base in the Exeter area. We recognize that the modern Republican Party encompasses a diverse group of beliefs and positions united behind smaller government, fiscal prudence, and liberty.

The Committee supports efforts to bring together GOP, Libertarian, Tea Party, Christian Conservatives and Constitutionalist Conservatives. Like the founders of the Republican Party, the Exeter Republican Town Commitee believes that by uniting the various groups that embrace our common principals, we can elect candidates that truly represent the people of New Hamshire. We do not promote absolute conformity or top-down edicts. All Republicans are welcome to participate and constructively contribute to the discussions. We invite like-minded citizens to contact us.


The Exeter Republican Town Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the historic Major Blake Hotel at 24 Front Street in Exeter. All registered Republicans are invited to attend.

Birthplace of the Republican Party
October 12, 1853